Hangover - what to expect when you MTX

Last time I updated this blog, I said I was finally going to start Methotrexate, aka MTX. My doctor suggested I take the medication at night, just before bed, and she also suggested that I take it on Friday or Saturday night, so I could recuperate on a day off, because you only take MTX once a week. I decided on Saturday nights, mainly because Saturday is the day I spend catching up on housework, yard-work, and homework. I took my first dose of MTX last Saturday night.

The side-effects were noticeable within thirty minutes. I got dizzy, then nauseated, but nothing worse than that. The next day, I felt tired, but not really much more tired than normal. All this week, while I've been on vacation, I've felt nauseated. It is a low-level kind of nausea, reminiscent of morning sickness. It was still as prevalent yesterday as it was the day after I took the meds for the first time. Last night, I took my second dose.

This morning, I woke up feeling something I haven't felt since my early twenties - a roaring hangover. And before your mind goes there, no, I didn't wash down my MTX with tequila or anything like that. As a matter of fact, you aren't supposed to drink alcohol while taking MTX, and I haven't had even a beer since I started. I've only experienced hangovers twice in my life. Not to brag, because I've over-indulged on alcohol many more times than that, but I just don't get hungover, and I haven't since I was twenty-two. Boy, did I break my streak this morning.

Throbbing head, sensitivity to light, spinning bed, roiling stomach - the works. I drank coffee. I drank more coffee. I drank water because my mouth and throat were cotton-dry. I even tried a greasy breakfast. Big mistake. Nothing I did worked - I still feel awful.

At two o'clock, I gave up and put on my pajamas. I am currently in bed with Oskar, my dachshund, streaming reruns of Continuum on Netflix. Wishing I could sleep, but unable to get comfortable enough. I'll feel better tomorrow - I hope - because I'll have a ton of work to get through after being on vacation.

My mood is as grey and cloudy as the weather. I am not looking forward to the next dose.


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