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Old Friend

Decisions like this are so hard to make. One day he seems just fine - feeling good, a spring in his step. The next he is falling down unexpectedly, lying in the floor groaning, weakly flailing his legs. One day he eats his food with good appetite and seems comfortable. The next he eats and immediately vomits. Still, the good days outnumber the bad.

Until this week.

This week he comes to me and stares into my eyes, unflinching, trying to send me words or thoughts or maybe just his feelings. He presses his forehead to my knee and stands still, as if he's waiting for something. He does this over and over, and his old, grey face pleads for me to understand. He is tired. He is in pain. I sit there and run my fingers through his hair. It begins drifting to the floor, then falling in clumps. He groans again and lowers himself carefully to the floor, pointing his nose skyward to keep my hand on his head. His eyes. Those eyes...

I am in pain, too, most of the time. But I know that my pain…