More progress

I had my rheumatologist visit today. For those of you who follow my progress with RA, here's my latest news. I am off Methotrexate! WOOHOO! I can't say I'm sorry to see it go. I felt better for the first month or two of MTX, but the benefits faded over time. So it's out with the old and in with the new. In this case, the new is Enbrel.

I am registering for Enbrel support this afternoon. I may qualify to receive my first six months for free, and afterward with only a $10 copay per month. That is perfectly reasonable. I am glad, because though I hope it doesn't happen, there is the possibility that my work could change in the near future and my health insurance might change right along with it. But more than the financial aspect, I am glad to be able to move away from the medications that aren't working and into something that just might really change my health for the better.

The past month has been hard, but the past two weeks have gone beyond hard to insane. Everything at work has blown up, and though my coworkers are the absolute best and we are all working together wonderfully, stress is undeniably connected to my disease in the worst way. Whenever stress rises, so does my pain and fatigue. After two weeks of craziness at work, I am absolutely dragging. Hopefully the new medication will bring a change for the better.


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